Phase II Confirmatory Investigation

This stage of the process of identifying contaminated sites has as its main objective to confirm or not the existence of substances of anthropic origin in the suspected sites, both in the soil and groundwater, with concentrations above the permitted values. This is according to Norm ABNT NBR 15515-2.

We follow the procedures adopted by CETESB (BOARD DECISION No. 038/2017/C, FEBRUARY 07, 2017), which refers to the approval of the “Procedure for the Protection of Soil and Groundwater Quality”, the revision of the “Procedure for the Management of Contaminated Sites “and establishes” Guidelines for Management of Contaminated Sites withinthe scope of the Environmental License”, with respect to the publication of State Law 13,577/2009 and its Regulation, approved by Decree No. 59.263/2013, offeringfurther measures.


In brief, the implementation of this stage will enable:

  • To identify values in the samples and compare them to the value-limitsestablished. If the values obtained are above these, the site in question may be classified as a contaminated site (CS). If they are below, the site may be classified as potentially contaminated or excluded from the register of contaminated sites;
  • The results of the confirmatory research stage should be used to update the information stored in the register of contaminated sites;
  • Sites classified as contaminated sites (CSs) should go on to be evaluated in the managementstages that follow, being included in the recovery process of contaminated sites.

Required steps:

  • Sampling Plan
  • Sampling Collection
  • Performing Analyses
  • Interpretation of Results
  • Definition of the Person Responsible for Contamination
  • Conclusive Technical Report

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