Environmental Consulting

Environmental licensing is the legal device capable of assuring the entrepreneur of public recognition that their activities are being developed in accordance to environmental legislation and in compliance with environmental quality.

Under Brazilian law, environmental licensing is requiredprior to the installation of an undertaking or a potentially damaging activity to the environment. The Agencies responsible for licensing on a state level are the State Environmental Agencies and, ona Federal level, IBAMA. The laws that govern licensing are Law 6.938 / 81, CONAMA Resolutions nº 001/86 and nº 237/97 and Opinion 312 that deals with both state and federal competence for licensing,according to the scope of impact.

AMBIENTO BRASIL, attentive to environmental requirements, provides clients with complete advice, since the development of the project to its approval by the competent environmental agencies.


  • Environmental Licensing – Federal / State / Municipal
  • Preliminary License / Installation License / Operating License
  • Cadri emission – Certificate ofResidueMovement of Environmental Interest
  • Federal Technical Registration – CTF / Ibama
  • The Montreal Protocol Report – Ibama
  • Registration with ANP (National Petroleum Agency)
  • Conduct Adjustment Agreement (Tac)
  • Environmental Impact Studies (EIA / RIMA)
  • Industrial Residue Management
  • AMBIENTO BRASIL establishes schedules according to the needs of customers, distributing its equipment in order to create a means for the collection and destination of environmental liabilities and waste derived from industrial processes, offering solutions that guarantee economy and quality in services.

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