Contaminated Site Management

The process of recovery of contaminated sites has as its main objective the adoption of corrective measures that make it possible to recover these sites for a use compatible with the goalsestablished, to be achieved after intervention. This is according to Norm ABNT NBR 15515-3 / ABNT NBR 16209 / ABNT NBR 16210 / ABNT NBR 15495.

We follow the procedures adopted by CETESB (BOARD DECISION No. 038/2017/C, FEBRUARY 07, 2017), which refers to the approval of the “Procedure for the Protection of Soil and Groundwater Quality”, the revision of the “Procedure for the Management of Contaminated Sites “and establishes” Guidelines for Management of Contaminated Siteswithin the scope of the Environmental License”, with respect to the publication of State Law 13,577/2009 and its Regulation, approved by Decree No. 59.263/2013, offeringfurther measures.


  • Detailed Investigation
  • Risk Assessment and Intervention Measures
  • Investigation and Remediation Project
    • – Listing of remediation techniques
    • – Elaboration of the investigation plan
    • – Execution of pilot tests in both the field and laboratory
    • – Conducting mathematical monitoring and modeling
    • – Interpretation of results
    • – Definition of remediation techniques
  • Remediationof Contaminated Site
  • Monitoring

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